WLWS 1601

Product no.: WLWS 1601 (Version: further on request)

Leakage detection system for water and other liquids

Water-/fluid-leakage display for realizing and notify outbreak of fluids and prevent
or reduce the damages of high-quality building facilities and its building substance.
Basic unit for up to 16 sensors

Technical specification:

plastic-housing WxH(incl. PG)xD 200x140x60mm³
Protection type: IP 65
Measuring points: 1.. 16 sensors, extendable up to 64
Signal transfer: digital 4-wire-bus
Alarm-switch-points: 1 per sensor unit
Alarm-version: collective-alarm
Leakage-alarm: 1 potential-free wiper-switch (double throw)
Warning-light: 1 potential-free wiper-switch (double throw)
flashing or permanent
Horn: 1 potential-free switch, 250V/2,5A, resettable
Instrument defect: 1 potential-free wiper-switch (double throw), 250V/2,5A,
Display: LEDs for operation, sensor alarms, sensor- and/or instrument-defect
Other functions: key-switch to prevent the alarm from exiting during maintenance,
built-in piezo-buzzer,
internal function control, line function control,
Power supply: 230V/50/60Hz and 20V DC (backup power), 110V AC
on order
Extensions: alarm-display-extension up to 64 sensor channels

Operating instruction

Selection: WLWS 1601

Product no. Version Price
WLWS 1601 STD Standard unit for sensors 1...16
WLWS 1601 MB with data output, modbus recording
WLWS 1601 JCI with data output, modbus recording
WLWS 1601 E1 Extention for sensors 17...32
WLWS 1601 E2 Extention for sensors 33...48
WLWS 1601 E3 Extention for sensors 49...64
WLWS 1601 further on request
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