The company UMSITEC was founded in 1994 by Günter Jungck.

In 2011, we employ about 30 highly motivated employees at two locations.

Particularly through the management of Mr. Ulrich Ramakers, who since 2002
expanded Holzappel to a central location for the planning, organization and management of installation, commissioning and overall service, UMSITEC has made itself a name worldwide.

The company develops and manufactures innovative devices
on the topic 
environmental and safety engineering, in particular for

° Gas-detection systems

° CO-warning systems

° Water leak detection systems


Almost all units are designed and assembled by our company.
This includes - for special requirements - the development of customized devices.

We also offer maintenance of the gas- and CO warning systems of other companies
and personal protection devices

Thanks to a dedicated sales and installation pool of our own UMSITEC operates nationwide.
EU-wide, we also work with various distribution partners.
Several thousand gas detection systems are already in operation.


In all our activities, we attach utmost importance to:

° utter customer satisfaction

° high quality of our products and services

° on-time delivery and installation and commissioning

Qur comprehensive offerings, we create based on your individual risk assessment and usually the next day.

° We will advise you further and train your employees.

° You receive a detailed planning on the basis of legal regulation.

° We provide detailed building plans to your warning system.

Note: Many of tender specifications for gas detection systems are misinterpreted
          or do not meet the legal requirements.
          Let yourself be advised by us. Do not just buy at the store!
          Let us create a planning and submit an offer.

Give us a try!