GDS 3232

Product no.: GDS 3232 (Sensor channels: 1...32)

Gas detection system for 1...32 sensors channels

Switch-board system in the rack for installation in sheetmetal wall-housing

Including 1 relay output module for collective alarm
expandable with additional relay output modules

The modules are suitable for snap-in module mounting and are connected via 2m cable harness for the left cabinet door hinge with the rack.
If other cable length or door hinge are requested please inform us.

Housing: 19" rack 3HE/84TE
Signal input: 4-20mA
Alarm switch points: max.4
Alarm output: 1 collective alarm output module with 8 relays
  6 potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A
Warning light: 1 potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A, flashing or permanent
Horn: 1 potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A, resettable
Device fault: 2 separate potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A
Displays: LED display für operating, alarm and failure indication
  LCD plain text display for indication measuring points such as gas type and concentration value
  alarm and error messages of all 8 points
Special features: averaging calculation, system clock, self-monitoring, line function control cold-start alarm check, automatic calibration

Operating instruction
Emergency power supply

Selection: GDS 3232

Product no. Sensor channels Price
GDS 3232 1...32
GDS 3232-16 16
GDS 3232-24 24
GDS 3232-32 32
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