Alarm Device

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Product no.: LTP-GA

Modern LED-Lighting Transparent with for gas and
water leakage warning systems for pendant mounting

Usable for central emergency power supplies
with junction box with internal piezzo buzzer

Product no.: LTW-GA

Modern LED-lighting transparent "GAS ALARM"
with internal buzzer for wall mounting


Modern multi-Lingual LED-illuminated transparent
Pictogram "CO"
incl. output capacity incrementing of the central power
supply with UPS to serve the transparent with
emergency power under mains failure


Conventional transparent warning lights for car garages

Warning lights for interior installation

Flashbulb 5 Joule

Flashbulb for hazardous areas zone 1

Flashbulb for hazardous areas zone 1

Rotating mirrow beacon red, with wall holder for indoor alarm


Audible signal transmitter for indoor and outdoor installation


High volume sound horn

Acoustical signal transmitter for hazardous areas zone 1

Acoustical signal transmitter for hazardous areas zone 1


Combined signal transmitter, blinking light with horn
for machine alarm

Combined signal transmitter, flashing light, red with horn

Combined signal transmitter for EX-Zone 1 and 2

Product no.: FAZ

Remote alarm indicator for facility managers office


Warning and information signs for gas alarm systems

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