GMZ 750 EA NF3 30

Product no.: GMZ 750 EA NF3 30 (Gas type: nitrogen trifluoride, Measuring range: 0...25 vol%)

Gas measurement and control center

Sensor: elektrochemical
Gas input: measuring of gas suction 4..1,5 l/min
Filter: replaceable fine filter for dirt / condensat
Measuring value output: 4..20mA, linear
Accuracy: 3% of measurement range
Temperature range: -20..40°C
Humidity range: 5..95% r.F.
Displays: LCD 2x20-digit: for concentration, temperature, pressure
  LED-operating/LED-failure indication-/LED alarm display
Outputs: Alarm 1, Alarm 2, device failture
calibration: menue-controlled
Housing: steel housing 200x200x120mm³
  power coated
Protection type: IP54
Protection class: I, ground wire connection
Supply: 230V AC, 15VA
Optional: - connectors instead of cable glands
  - condensate trap
  - stainless steel housing
  - forced ventilation
  - measuring interval: half-hourly measurements
  - automatic calibration (only for oxygen)
Alternative: built-in presure reducer 0..10bar / instead of a pump

Operating Instructions O2 with auto calibration

Selection: GMZ 750 EA

Product no. Gas type Measuring range Price
GMZ 750 EA CO 1000 carbon monoxide 0...1000 ppm
GMZ 750 EA H2S 2000 hydrogen sulfide 0...2000 ppm
GMZ 750 EA O2 25V oxygen 0...25 vol%
GMZ 750 EA NF3 30 nitrogen trifluoride 0...25 vol%
GMZ 750 EA further on request further on request
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