Gas Detection System

Product no.: GDZ 203 (Sensor channels: 1 resp. 2)

Gas detection unit for 1 resp. 2 sensors channels with LCD display

Housing: plastic housing WxHxD 200x140x60 mm³
Protection class: IP 65
Supply: 230V/50/60Hz and/or 24V DC (110V AC on order)
Alarm points: 3 each sensor
Alarm output: collective-alarm
Alarm 1, alarm 2: per alarm 1 potential-free switch contact, change-over 250V/2,5A
Warning light (alarm 3): 1 potential-free switch contact, change-over 250/2,5A, flashing or permanent
  Horn: 1 potential-free NO switch 250V/2,6A
Display: LCD measurment indicator, LCD Display in attendance for alarm and fault
Other: key switch for alarm lock for special cases
  built-in piezo buzzer 98dB/1
  connection for an external reset button
  self-monitoring, line function control
  cold start-false alarm suppression
  IR programming and service interface

Operating instruction
Emergency power supply

Selection: Gas Detection System

Product no. Sensor channels Price
GDZ 203 1 resp. 2
GDZ 203-1 1
GDZ 203-2 2
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