GDZ 401/801

Product no.: GDZ 401/801 (Sensor channels: 1...8)

Gas detection unit for 4 resp. 8 sensor channels

with LCD readings display and LED alarm display

Signal input: 4..20mA
Alarm switch point: 2..4 depending on monitoring task / measuring points
Alarm output: collective alarm or 2..4 separate alarm groups
Alarm 1, alarm 2: per alarm 2 potential-free switch outputs, change-over 250V/2,5A
Warning light: 2 potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A, pulsed or permanent
Horn: 2 potential-free NO switch 250V/2,5A, resttable
Instrument defect: 2 separate potential-free change-over 250V/2,5A
Displays: LED display for operating, alarm and failure indication
  LCD plain text display for indicating information such as measuring points, gas types, concentration values, alarm and failure indication of all measuring points
Special features: key-operated lock-switch to avoid triggering the alarm e.g. during maintenance,
  averaging calculation, system clock, self-monitoring,
  line function control, cold start-fase alarm check, automatic calibration
Data interface: RS 232 for connection of printer/PC/datalogging
Housing: plastic wall-housing WxHxD 28x240x140 mm³ with transparent front cover
Protection type: IP 54
Supply: 230V/50/60Hz and/or 24V DC (115V AC on order)

Operating instruction GDZ 401
Operating instruction GDZ 801
Emergency power supply

Selection: GDZ 401/801

Product no. Sensor channels Price
GDZ 401/801 1...8
GDZ 401 4
GDZ 801 8
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